Copy-Paste Culture


Before digital technology, copy and paste only existed really by using paper and a scissors. Cutting and pasting images to create a collage, or re-make of someone else work. But now thanks to the widespread use of technology, anyone can remix present work to create new and sometimes better versions.

Copying is seen as something negative and bad, something non-creative. With copyrights there to protect certain works. When you post anything online or digitalise it, it can become extremely hard to protect your work. Be it an image, simply screenshot or save to your computer. Copying is a negative sector of our culture.

or is it?

Nothing is ever completely creative or new. All our ideas come from present things. Adaptations, but things that exists already in the world. Copying things you find in the digital world can be completely positive. Most of the best creations come from things that already exist. With royalty free music, images etc. we can create things that will benefit our digital culture. Copying will help everyone out, simply adapting something to make it better will leave it open for someone in the future to adapt and make it even better again!




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