Attention versus Isolation


We are a digital society, with a constant need for communication. Being able to connect with people at any given time is important to us. So important that we spend approximately 27 hours a week online. 27 hours! Thats one full day without taking our eyes off our phones/laptops/tvs to communicate with the people and world around us.



Why do we love communicating via media you ask?

Well its a relatively simple, yet worrying answer.

We enjoy not having to engage in human interaction as much as we used to. Mediated communication has become so popular among our culture. By using social media and the internet we can connect with people at any time we want, without the hassle of meeting face to face. Using digital forms of communication such as: texting, video chatting, Snapchat, social networks & blogging. By doing so we can hide behind our phones and screens without having to leave our homes.

It’s worrying because we are becoming so dependant on mediated communication instead of face-to-face interaction. This will inevitably, if it hasn’t already, lead to the decline in verbal and social skills. Not only will we loose out on two very basic and characteristic skills of a human, but the lack of face-to-face communication means human expression and warmth will not show through in the online world. This leads to miscommunication and misinterpretation of exchanged messages.

You can be who you want online, you can get attention, be heard and never be alone, if you want. But this popular and well conversed person online could be the loneliest and most isolated person in the real world. People can become so invested online, that they forget how to communicate in real life with people face-to-face. Leading to lack of social skills and in return, lack of relationships.

Your online profile could have 2,000 friends, but you may only have a handful of real life relationships.



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