Topics of interest

I decided to compile a list of topics that interest me in the area of Contemporary Digital Culture. I will write posts based on some of the titles in this list, and possibly some that I haven’t written about down bellow.

My main topic of focus is:

The effect digital media has on humans


These are subtopics that fall under my chosen topic:

  • Instagram culture
  • The need to be able to communicate at any given moment
  • How media practices impact what we see as normal and affects society’s values (Mediated Society – a critical sociology of media)
  • What is culture? What is Digital?
  • People living in the same house or workplace can all be looking at different screens and communicating with different people. Changes how we interact with each other, and the common place of interaction (online forums).
  • “As we expect more from technology; we start to expect less from each other”- Sherry Turkle
  • Hide behind our phones, yet even more connected
  • Talking online is less personal and heeds no effort for human interaction
  • Relationship with technology
  • Technology provides us with an illusion of comfort and of being in control
  • Online you can get attention, be heard & never be alone
  • Or you can be isolated
  • Affect Accessibility has on individuals and businesses
  • Copying and replication
  • People are: more open, use less filters Vs. heavily filter themselves
  • More intimate relationship with celebrities
  • Should children learn to programme from a young age?


Interesting Articles:



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